8. Examples of use

8.1. Pure command-line examples

8.1.1. Graphing graph-includes itself:

$ ./graph-includes -lang perl -I lib -prefixstrip lib/ -o deps.ps graph-includes lib/

graph-includes does not know in advance which classes it will use

8.1.2. Rather clean ones:

a rather clean dependency graph

Maelstrom-3.0.6$ graph-includes -v -sysI /usr/include/SDL -I . -I ./netlogic -I ./maclib -I ./screenlib -o deps.ps .

more work has to be put in the wesnoth example class:

wesnoth-0.9.1$ graph-includes -v --class wesnoth --consolidate 1-1 -sysI /usr/include/c++/3.3 -sysI /usr/include/SDL --prefixstrip src/ -I src -o deps.ps src/

8.1.3. Examples only here as a reminder to write proper project classes for them

needs supporting features for multi-arch source trees:

qemu-0.7.0$ graph-includes -v -sysI /usr/include/SDL $(find -name CVS -prune -o -type d -printf -I %p\n) -o deps.ps .

needs proper file-grouping:

mesag-6.2.1$ graph-includes -o -I ./include -I ./include/GL -I ./src/mesa -I ./src/mesa/main -I ./src/glu/sgi/include -I ./src/glu/sgi/libnurbs/internals -I ./src/mesa/glapi -o deps.ps .

8.2. Customization examples

See graphincludes::project::wesnoth in the examples/ dir as an example of a custom project class.

Keep in mind that the API is not frozen yet, and will probably be overhauled more than once before an official API gets blessed.