Dependency Extraction and Processing System


DEPS started life with the graph-includes name. Since it is expected to do much more than just graph #include relationships in C/C++ code, it has been renamed to something hopefully more adequate.

DEPS is a toolkit whose primary goal is to help software authors to deal with internal depencies (eg. C/C++ #includes), and help locating abusive dependencies. It is slowly evolving towards a set of perl classes intended to do general graph processing, complementing the current command-line graph-includes tool.

Basic concepts

DEPS allows you to create graphing projects, eg. for a program's source tree. A graphing project is a set of rules to construct graphs. A first graph gets extracted from your data (eg. C source files), and transformations are applied to create more graphs for various usages.

Current features

Sample uses

Note: most of these samples were built using graph-includes 0.11 or earlier.


Yann Dirson

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